Elizabeth G. Lerner, L.C.S.W.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Florida)


Elizabeth G. Lerner

Elizabeth G. Lerner

Welcome to my website!

The stresses and strains of parenting, marriage, work, school, and life can be overwhelming and can affect your ability to cope. The aim of my practice is to help individuals, couples, and families gain relief from emotional pain and suffering. Whether it is for you, your teenager, your spouse, or your family, help is on the way!

I am a practical, interactive-SOLUTION FOCUSED THERAPIST. I do not believe in suffering! My style is warm, engaging and direct. I like to get right to the issues. I strive to connect with each of my clients in a way that will make them feel comfortable and understood. Any issue that you have is an issue that I will be there to help guide you through. No issue is too small, I am here to validate you, not judge you.

In addition, I believe in psychodynamic psychotherapy, meaning that when the client comes to talk about their symptoms, I address the underlying issues that may be causing the symptoms. Understanding the underlying causes of the issue will lead to longer-term change, and away with those symptoms! My hopes are to help clients not only resolve their immediate issues, but to give them the tools and skills to carry through lifes challenges!